We create innovative software that transforms the way organizations generate company's data and reports

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Luponet Consults Ltd is a consulting company aiming to assist businesses attain maximum growth through providing software that assist to manage the company's data and generate reports to give management a holistic view on the company's performance. This will assist in ensuring the management make s informed and strategic decisions.
We provide a range of services to bring out products which will benefit the Nigerian community at large. These products will benefit certain sectors such as law, finance, health, and other sectors in Nigeria.

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Training will be provided for how to use the reports generated from the software. Also, in case, we provided the ERP software, training will be provided for staff to get the best out the ERP software.

We install and train organisations on:

We are well trained consultants, highly skilled programmers and dedicated staff. Our ethos is to bring the best quality service within the digital space to Nigeria.

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