With the increase of the demand of data from organizations and consumers, organizations which best uses this information to their advantage will stay ahead of their competitors. Companies that rely mostly on evidence based data obtained from some type of capture efficiently use this data to increase their sales. In case there is no data capture in your organization, we provide a means for this with the latest ERP software for small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) and mid to large scale enterprises.

Our consultants will liaise with the organisation and deduce the best software for your business needs. For your back-end business solutions i.e. Enterprise Resource Planning software, we install and train organisations on:

Once our consultants have established an enabling environment to house company data, after the provision of the software we will extend this software to generate reports with the data to suite your organization . We provide intelligent computational systems or statistical modelling for huge data sets for regression analysis, classification, retrieval and recommender systems to enhance customer service and also give management a holistic view for decision making within their organization.

Additional services provided are:

  • Linear and Logistic Regression
  • Classification
  • Retrieval and recommender system
  • Computer Vision

These areas can be applied to areas such as finance, health, law and other sectors in Nigeria. With this in mind, our programmers can leverage on this existing data from the in-house software to provide intelligent reports obtained from the data.

We are well trained consultants, highly skilled programmers and dedicated staff. Our ethos is to bring the best quality service within the digital space to Nigeria.

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